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Welcome to QSQ giclee boutique

Strategically located in the heart of Toronto’s West Area, we are QSQ “the giclee boutique”. Founded in 2007 QSQ has quickly earned its reputation as one of Toronto’s premiere giclee printing destinations.


Catering to members of the photographic, visual arts, and design community – amateur and professionals alike will benefit from QSQ’s key advantage, our dedicated staff.


Eliminating the traditional customer service role, you have direct access to one of our production staff and qualified printers. Impeccable attention to detail in combination with top of the line materials ensures your giclee prints will reach their full potential with QSQ.






QSQ Giclee Boutique and Oculus Arts are proud to present:


Photography Artworks by Lucy DeCoutere



Even a tumbleweed has to sleep somewhere



Opening event: Friday March 27th, 7 to 9:30pm
Exhibition runs till May 1st


Lucy DeCoutere is exhibiting her first series of photographic artworks with Oculus Arts in Toronto this Spring. Opening 27 March Lucy reveals the inner comforts that helped her navigate these past few years being away from home.

I am drawn to the mundane, finding ways to shift and alter my experience of living alone in a place where I have been challenged to thrive. I photograph subjects that serve to capture moments of my life in order to share them with loved ones out of reach, intentionally focusing on the juice of the last couple of years rather than tasting the sour that can boil up when you are not paying attention.” – Lucy DeCoutere 2015






In the quest to fulfill our customers' needs, QSQ is proud to introduce a new service: "CUSTOM MATBOARD CUTTING AND MOUNTING"


"A cleanly cut beveled mat adds presence and style to your fine art prints"


At QSQ we take pride in the mats we custom-cut. We use Peterboro MatBoards (http://www.peterboromatboards.com) to guarantee the optimum archival protection of your fine art prints.


MatBoards are about style and funtion. Imagine your custom cut MatBoard as a visual transition between your print and the frame; providing, at the same time, a nice separation between your print and the glass.


Our custom MatBoard cutting and mounting will be offered provided that you print with us. As part of this new service, you will get an archival MatBoard with a window opening, cut to your specific dimensions. This will be hinged to an archival backing board with your artwork inserted and ready for you to mount it with your frame.


Please contact us if you need a quote.



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